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Ryōta Takeuchi

Heroman 435-

Heroman and the gang

Originally a broken down toy robot called the Heybo, Heroman was brought to life by a strange bolt of lightning and turns into a giant robot (in the anime, this lightning was caused by the Skrugg fleet arriving on Earth).

He uses his powerful fists to protect Earth from the Skrugg. Although unable to speak, he is able to sense Joey's feelings and use his powers accordingly.

Heroman has a strong resemblance to Joey's father.




Heroman, despite the transformation from toy to super advanced technological marvel, is still essentially a toy with the same limited capabilities in terms of independent movement. While he can move on his accord certain actions require an input from Joey's controller. For Heroman to use his abilities to their fullest requires Joey to use the controller on his arm. Heroman's abilities also revolve around electricity, usually involving using it to attack or manipulating it. Due to the nature of his creation any form of electricity used against him will be absorbed. Electricity also has the added effect of repairing his body and restoring (and through their connection Joey's) stamina.

So far Heroman's control actions include:Edit

  • Attack: This command is generally the first thing Joey commands Heroman to do. Making him attack who or whatever Joey wishes him to from villains to the door of a car.
  • Go: Heroman's fists are charged with energy, increasing his offensive abilities. He also behaves as Joey wants him to.
  • Augment: Heroman grows to the size of a several story tall building. It is taking on Joey's and therefore his stamina, thus he can only maintain it for short periods.
  • Magneto: Heroman becomes a massive electromagnet attracting any nearby metal with irresistible force, it also allows him to make electric tendril
  • Blast: His inner electricity surges violently from points in Heroman's body, her clenches and electricity covered fist and punches his opponent with all his might.
  • O Spark: Heroman's strongest ability allows him to unleash a massive electric beam from his chest strong enough to be seen from space and obliterate anything it touches.

Despite the controls, Heroman does clearly show signs of independence. Joey usually only gives extremely generalized commands but does not command every aspect of Heroman's movement. For example Joey will command him to attack but it is up to Heroman to decide how to do so.


  • Heroman cannot fight without end, as he uses his abilities while his strength diminishes. Due to their connection Joey also gets tired as well.
  • During the point where Joey appeared dead Heroman went berserk. His body turned red and his blue electricity turned yellow, he became much more brutal in his manner of attack and much stronger.